movement 101

Things you should know.

1.  You need more magnesium in times of stress

  • physical stress ( training for an event, recovering from an injury, etc)
  • mental stress ( studying, work, contemporary life, etc).

2.  Calcium and Magnesium need to stay in balance.  

Calcium tightens muscle and magnesium allows muscle to relax.  

We tend to consume more calcium rich foods vs magnesium rich foods.  

Too much calcium = tense muscles.

3.  Salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol decrease magnesium levels.

4.  Foods which contain magnesium

  • leafy greens and vegetables
  • nuts and seeds
  • beans and lentils
  • unrefined grains ( quinoa, etc )
  • dark chocolate


Magnesium bisglycerinate is the most bioavailable form to target muscle. 

New Roots Herbal is the brand I suggest.

Start with 150 mg  twice a day ( morning and night).  This dose can be doubled. 

Decrease the dose if you experience diarrhea.  

Almost everyone needs more magnesium.  Studies suggest up to 90% of us are deficient.  

Common signs of magnesium deficiency are :

  • multiple areas of tight muscle
  • muscle twitches, cramps, etc
  • anxiety
  • trouble sleeping
  • poor memory
  • fatigue
  • chocolate cravings
  • constipation