movement 101

D Torso Axial rotations

A Swimmers hovers

for example

  • shoulder extension/rotation ( reaching behind you )  
  • shoulder flexion ( overhead )
  • hip extension 
  • upper back extension (you become rounded)
  • neck extension   (head comes forward)
  • calf length

3. Spine

C Spine segmentations 

2.  Hips

I often also do these  while on the bike holding onto the bars  or driving while holding onto the steering wheel.  Shoulders blades get sticky so keep them moving!


C Hip extension with knee flexion

kinstretch for riders + cyclists

4. Calf

B Shoulder CARs

I do these after a climb or at home on the floor like in the 3rd video.

If you don't use it you loose it

This is the principle of progressive adaptation.  It's simple. 

We are what we do most often.

If you sit on a bike... a lot.... there are some obvious movements that are going to become extinct.  

B Hip extension passive range lift offs - prone + quadruped

C Shoulder blade CARs

A Neck segmentations and CARs

Another quick one to do after a climb

A Hip CARs

B Ribcage CARs