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90 90 lead leg PAILs + PRH. PAILs = progressive angular isometric loading PRH = passive range hold This drill is MAGIC. Magic for back pain. Magic for hip mobility. @frankduffyfitness posted this a few months ago and I have become obsessed with it. It is much easier to do than a PAILs/RAILs in 9090. Patients love the intensity of it but feel safe ...even with acute back pain. Remember to find your tension first. Tail bone and sits bone behind you. Stay tall and hinge through the hip. We’re targeting the deep posterior hip capsule, glutes and hip rotators. You’ll isolate different fibres depending on weather you hinge over your knee or your foot. Again, pick your tension. Force is the language of cells. This is high intensity directional force. It reorganizes disorganized tissue and restores viscoelasticity. Wouldn’t you like your hips more viscoelastic? Stop the obsessive persuit of passive stretching and add a little science based mobility training to your day. Some people are just WAY TOO restricted to use 9090 as a base position. Even with blocks under hips/knees, using a shin box base or posting out to the side. @daveleylandphysio and I will post a great alternate base position for this next week. #kinstretch #functionalrangeconditioning #FRCms #functionalanatomyseminars #movementislife #CARs #mobilityisearned #bodycontrol #mobility #healthyjoints #honestreps #backpain #hipmobility @kristina_heimbecker

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Mobility Indulgence #9 90 90 hip stretches . Video 1️⃣ hip external rotation stretch + PAILs + lift off Video 2️⃣ hip internal rotation stretch + PAILs + lift off . . The Next 3 days are all about HIPS. Your hip is one of your 4 major centres of rotation. However, clinically I see hip rotation disappearing. If you loose rotation at your hip you are going to steal it from neighbouring joints = back or knee. Ouch! Have a little respect for this beautiful awesome ball&socket joint and keep it moving. . Tips: 🔶First off, if you can’t get into the 90 90 base position talk to your healthcare provider. This is basic hip mobility. If you look like a pretzel, your knee hurts or your leg is cramping it means YOUR HIP IS TALKING TO YOU. You should LISTEN. If you don’t take time to listen now you will be taking time for an injury later. . If this position is not accessible you have options: ➡️ Block under the lead leg knee ➡️ Block under the lead like hip ➡️ post your arm out to the side ➡️ Close your knees into Shin Box . 🔶force is the language of cells but it still takes 2 minutes to communicate with the nucleus of the fibroblast to really induce biological change. Passive stretching yields passive results so add some internal load = PAILs or lift offs ( more options discussed in The Mobility Challenge). . Try it & lmk what you think. ——————————————————— The Mobility Indulgence = the 20 MOST INDULGENT mobility exercises I know. They are EASY yet yield BIOLOGICAL CHANGE. . The Mobility CHALLENGE 🔥begins in January = the exercises that are NOT EASY. Some mobility must be earned. . All exercises ➡️ click the link in my bio. . #FunctionalAnatomySeminars #FunctionalRangeSystems #Kinstretch #FRCms #TheMobilityIndulgence #TheMobilityChallenge #mobility #physicallongevity #healthyjoints #hipmobility #healthyhips #MobilityIsEarned #ControlYourself

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