movement 101

Iso Ramping is a technique used to remind muscles how to turn off and  to restore muscle control. 

If stretching and rolling is not creating lasting change  >>> try Isometric Ramping

  1. Erector Spinae
  2. glute minimus and medius
  3. Quadriceps ( rec fem, VL)
  4. posterior hip ( piriformis, etc)​
  5. calf
  6. foot core

Hip Flexors

Isometric Ramping

More muscles to try Isometric Ramping with.



  1. Place a tennis ball or other prop into the " tight tissue".  This provides afferent input and serves as a biofeedback tool.
  2. Scan your nervous system and try to find that ball
  3. With every breathe OUT ramp DOWN =  let the ball sink into that tissue...absorb it, eat it, melt, turn the muscle down, soften
  4. With every breathe IN ramp UP =  push the ball out, "kick" it out, turn the muscle on
  5. Repeat


  • Close your eyes!  This is about your mind body connection.  They won't help you.
  • Get into your parasympathetic nervous system. If your sympathetic nervous system is dominant ( fight or flight or freeze) it will steal your mobility.    Our only conscious way of doing this is our breathe. 
  • Here are 3 Parasympathetic breathing options.
  1. Breathe out for twice as long as breathing in
  2. Belly breathing
  3. Breathe out for as long and as fully as you can