movement 101

Mobility    stability    developmental sequence    facilitation of the deep stabilizing system 

sagittal plane stabilization    transverse plane stabilization    ipsilateral pattern    contralateral pattern 

coordination of postural & stabilizing functions of the diaphragm    dissociation of joints    planned movement

centration of joints support zones     respect for the global pattern    distal support affects proximal stability

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stimulation

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DNS is a neurophysiological approach to rehabilitation. 

DNS targets global muscle patterns which can be thought of as the "software" of your body.  The joints  are  hardware.

In essence we are giving you a software  update  to reestablish muscle balance, improve function, pain and performance.

The nervous system establishes these building blocks of movement during the first critical years of life. 

Due to injury, habits, sports and our modern lifestyle we often need to remind the body of these basic movement patterns.