movement 101


  • Fellow with the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists (FCAMT) 2004  
  • Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS)  2001 
  • Acupuncture certificate  (Acupuncture Foundation of Canada)  2007 


  • Kinstretch   FR    FRC 
  • DNS
  • Foundation Training
  • Postural Restoration Institute 
  • Sahrman Trained 
  • Integrated Systems Model (Diane Lee & LJ LEE) 
  • Gait Guys 
  • Hypopressive method 
  • Fit for Golf​​

I've been working as a physiotherapist, studying and teaching movement for over 20 years.    I love movement

I've worked through numerous sports injuries by becoming a better mover and love to help others do the same.   

         If I'm not talking about movement you can find me at the beach or on the local mountains skiing,         

biking, hiking or running with my husband, 2 boys, friends or dog.  LOVE travelling the world.  LOVE coffee.



Michelle Edmison 

Registered Physiotherapist   



manual therapy

movement training


Certified Kinstretch Instructor

FRC mobility specialist 

Functional Release

DNS Certified Practitioner

Certified Foundation Training Instructor